About Muscape Studios

What Is Muscape Studios?

Muscape Studios is the production name of founder and composer Tyler Olsen. Muscape Studios is expanding it's team currently. We have one vision; and that is to help your music dreams become a reality.  In order to achieve that, Muscape Studios was founded to ensure that clients have an easy way to work with and receive the kind of music they need for ANY type of media production.  This includes, Film, advertisements, short videos, youtube, and many more.  We hope you find this website helpful and would love to hear from you soon!

Meet The Composer - Tyler Olsen

Tyler attended and graduated from Snow College with a Bachelors Degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis in Music Composition.  Currently, he is the main operator of his company, Muscape Studios, and works as a freelance composer for any medium in his spare time.  Tyler currently is finishing up his first feature length film; Lake 7 and the Golden Gun  and a couple short films.  He also has a deep passion for video games and is currently working on "Alone", a cerebral horror game for PC.  He hopes that you will take him up on his offer by letting him help you on your journey to making your next project very simple, affordable, and stress free!

Meet the Composer - Sarah Olsen

Sarah Insalaco Olsen began composing at the age of six when she decided that making up her own songs at the piano was much more fun than practicing the piano exercises that other people had written. She continued composing through junior high and high school, and eventually one of her first full symphonic works was premiered by a best-of-state orchestra at the premier performance hall in Utah. Sarah continued to pursue music composition at the university level, and graduated from Snow College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Music with an emphasis on Composition. Sarah has written music for plays, short films, games, feature length films, and live performance for many ensembles. She joins Muscape Studios to continue writing music in any style for any medium.