Composing, arranging, or orchestrating for ANY project needs


Composing for film, video games, commercials, etc. we specialize in making your projects come to life by adding customizable and tailored music JUST for your project.  Head over to the demo page to sample our work!


We will tailor any song to fit any kind of group you may need!  Weather it be for string quartet, voice, band, or more!


Need an extra something for your track?  We can orchestrate and bring your project to life!  We can make it sound like you have the full power of an orchestra behind you and more!

Sheet Music

Any project that you bring through us, we can provide the sheet music so you can use your customized music anytime and with anyone!


We will work with you throughout the project every step of the way.  Through well thought out revisions, we can work together to bring your project to where you envisioned it to be!

Time Management

We take pride in our turn around time.  Let us know when you need your project and we will schedule it out for you step by step, so you know when you are going to get your project!

"To send light into the darkness of men's hearts - such is the duty of the artist." - Robert Schumann


We'll send you a sample for your project! Let us see if we are a good fit for YOUR time and consideration!